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San Francisco Immigration Law Firm

MJ Law San Jose Immigration Law Firm

Immigration issues may be some of the most important legal issues you may deal with. We can explain to you that getting a visa may be the ticket to reuniting you with your family, getting the job of your dreams, and starting your way to becoming a citizen.

Individual Immigration Matters with a San Jose immigration law firm

Some personal or individual immigration issues that our San Jose Immigration attorneys may assist you with include:

  • Work. Work-based visas can include getting temporary visas to enter and work for a limited period of time such as a H1B or applying for a position that can get you a Green Card.
  • Study. Many individuals come to the United States to take advantage of the schools. The application process to receive a study-related visa can be complicated and an attorney can work with both you and the school to ensure that you can enter the country on time.
  • Family. Family-based immigration can include visas for fiancés, spouses, children, and other family members. You may need assistance with getting a visa, applying for a Green Card, and getting ready for citizenship.

Our immigration attorneys can handle any family visa case; from obtaining a fiance visa or spouse visa, immigrating a family member to the US or saving a loved one from deportation in providing removal defense. Trust the immigration lawyers at MJ Law to examine your case and work authoritatively with the law and keep all your family members legally together in the U.S.

Business Immigration 

In this global economy, many business have offices in more than one country or at least deal with customers and workers from a variety of countries. Some types of immigration issues that we may assist your business include:

  • Professional and Skilled Workers. Perhaps the most common group of workers seeking to enter the U.S. The application process can be long and both employers and employees will want to work with an attorney to ensure that the proper steps are followed.
  • Investment Visas. Persons looking to invest a certain amount in the U.S. and create a certain number of jobs in the states may be entitled to a visa.
  • Individuals With Extraordinary or Special Skills. An expedited process is reserved for certain individuals with extraordinary or special abilities.

Contact a San Jose Immigration Law Firm

Since 1985 MJ Law has been dedicated to provide businesses and individuals with the best legal assistance in the Silicon Valley to obtain their US visa, green card and US citizenship. Immigration Lawyers Michael Muston and Gabriel Jack have helped thousands of families, entrepreneurs and entertainers obtain their legal immigration status to work and live in the USA. MJ LAW delivers results with a high success rate.

If you need assistance with an immigration matter, you should contact an experienced San Jose Immigration Attorneys Michael Muston and Gabriel Jack. To schedule a consultation to discuss your case with MJ Law, call 888-497-0190.

Dedicated to Providing the Best Legal Service for Obtaining US visas, Green Cards and US Citizenship

Dedicated to Providing the Best Legal Service for Obtaining US visas, Green Cards and US Citizenship
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